Issue 15, Fall 2022

Editor’s Note

Cover Art—Cynthia Yatchman

Coordinating Artwork—K.L. Johnston


Bride of Wild—Mary Alice Dixon

Fisherman’s Knot—Allen Stevenson

Shards of Rainbow—Alexander Seils | Winner of the Marginalized Writers Award

Solo Shift—Sarah Pascarella

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks—Abby Morales


Beast // God—Dani Janae

Boys Like Terry—Mike Wilson

Central City—Ed Gold

Where the Petals Fall—Miho Kinnas

Jacaranda City—Rohan Buettel

I want our geometry to come easy—Lauren Michelle Wilensky

Stop the Clock—Abie Irabor


Deracinate—Catherine Con | Winner of the SCWA Writers Award

Homecoming—Doc Ardrey

What Dad Said—Kent Jacobson

Novel Chapter

Okefenokee Moon—Buck Brinson