Rohan Buettel

Jacaranda City

Only returning exiles know
how much they love their former home.
Despite the dispassion that distance gives
for reckoning faults — recalling the boons.
Staring out the window on the airport train,
stirred by purple patches amidst the green,
a dazzling glare of sunlit brilliance,
the burgeoning burst of tropical trees.

Coming to care for a mother with grim news.
Soon there will be a purple carpet
beneath the spreading jacarandas.
Anyone who has ever been a student
in this city knows what this means:
an examination; a coming to an end.

Rohan Buettel lives in Canberra, Australia. His haiku have appeared in various Australian and international journals (including Frogpond, Cattails and The Heron’s Nest). His longer poetry most recently appears in The Elevation Review, Rappahannock Review, Penumbra Literary and Art Journal, Mortal Magazine, Passengers Journal, Reed Magazine, Meniscus and Quadrant.