Lauren Michelle Wilensky

I want our geometry to come easy

to be larger than life
to take in the possibilities
how your perfect hand
holds your chin up
amid our wrong answers
and hard shapes 
to measure
our love like an icosahedron
with too many faces to quantify
an equation I cannot answer
acute measurements
require calculating tongue 

and sharp-edged embrace
we survived too much
scratch paper
eraser marks
smudged red ink
our faces blend

imperfect symmetry
with beautiful inaccuracy
I want our love to come easy
shape our bodies into right angles
steer clear of long division
and show our work for a while.

Lauren Michelle Wilensky (she/her) is a poet and educator from Los Angeles but calls San Diego home. She earned a B.A. in English, Creative Writing strand from S.D.S.U. and M.A. in Curriculum Design from U.C.S.D.. Her work has been published in Magee Park Poets, San Diego Poetry Annual and A Year in Ink. She teaches high school English working alongside marginalized youth, as well as teaches teachers at the University of San Diego. She lives with her son, spouse, two dogs and a ball python.