Mike Wilson

Boys Like Terry

Terry’s hair was blond like silver, eight years old,
private school in my public school neighborhood,
just him and his mother, gray stone house, blinds
always drawn, came out to play a few times, board
games or cards, sarcastic, nothing unfriendly just
old-ladyish like he was wearing his mother’s clothes, 
the other kids said he had both a banana and a fruit bowl,
I tried to relate that to playing doctor with Paula but 
couldn’t visualize it—side by side?—but it didn’t matter, 
Terry stopped coming out, when I rang the doorbell 
of the gray stone house there was silence and darkness,
finally they moved away, Terry and his mother, I couldn’t 
imagine where boys like Terry go, hair blond like silver

Mike Wilson’s work has appeared in magazines including Amsterdam Quarterly, Mud Season Review, The London Reader, The Ocotillo Review, and in Mike’s book, Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic, (Rabbit House Press, 2020), political poetry for a post-truth world. Mike is a past winner of Kentucky State Poetry Society’s Chaffin/Kash Prize. He resides in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and can be found at mikewilsonwriter.com.