K.L. Johnston

Artist Statement 

I try to capture images that are portraits of the genius loci of the places I go.  I prefer the rural and the wild, but cities have their own wilderness as well.  I’m fortunate to live where that spirit of place is constantly changing while still being welcoming.  Process consists of wandering the rural routes, forest service roads, beaches, or back streets with my camera until something clicks, (pun intended) and there’s the moment of “oh look, there’s something you don’t see every day – or at least not in this season / light / angle.”  Whether it’s wildlife or superhighways, there must be something in the moment, a presence brought about by color and subject and light.  I use fairly basic digital manipulation on my photos, and I’m sometimes surprised at the revelations that step out from the light and shadow.  What I’m looking for is the memorable narrative of a place or time.  Photos are accessible art, comfortable to some viewers in a way that differs from traditional and more additive two-dimensional art.  These images are an invitation to share an immediate experience.  If someone looks at a group of my photos and leaves with a feeling of peace, or a basic hard truth, or just something to think about briefly while they’re brushing their teeth, I’ve accomplished something.

K.L. Johnston is a photographer and poet whose images first appeared in 2014 in South Carolina ETV’s in-house magazine “Scene.” Since then, her photos have appeared in travel journals and online galleries as well as literary magazines such as Camas, Wild Roof Journal, and Burningword. Most recently her interview and photo series on birds and surfing at the Folly Washout appeared in Kelp Journal. She is a self-taught and nonacademic artist, and her camera goes with her wherever she goes. Find more of K.L. Johnston’s photos at 1-kathleen-johnston.pixels.com or visit her Facebook page “A Written World.”