Jocelyn Ulevicus

Opposition and Sister Squares, Chris Gavalier

dreams and visions and other acts of remembrance


 The idea of an imaginary life has 
 always been with me / my dear mother 
 taught me in my sleep / how to float 
 between light and atmosphere / where the 
 lavender flourish, my fantasy place, where 
 moss can be pulled from my body / cleanly 
 and clearly the conscious refusal to face 
 the story whose ending is unknown. 

Jocelyn Ulevicus is an artist and writer with work forthcoming or published in magazines such as the Free State Review, The Santa Fe Literary Review, Quince Magazine, and Humana Obscura. Working from a female speculative perspective, themes of nature and the unseen; and exit and entry are dominantly present in her work. She resides in Amsterdam and is currently working on her first book of poems. To see her artwork and her cute cat, Pilar, visit her on IG @beautystills.