Sharon Scholl

Opposition and Sister Squares, Chris Gavalier

Belize airport

 Praise be for things that end,
 passages of time that gather,
 blossom and conclude.  A last
 meal together, farewells.  Some finely
 woven passage folds like old linen
 into chests of memory.  Shared
 photographs, scraps of scenes         
 requested or recalled, then silence.
 A certain neatness. No contacts 
 that dribble on for years of dutiful
 holiday cards until someone dies
 or moves away. Let things rest
 in peace, vivid as jewels in the ornate
 frame of time

Sharon Scholl is a retired college professor who convenes a gathering of poets and serves on arts and civic boards. Her latest chapbook, Seasons, is available via Amazon. Her website gives free music to small liberal churches. Individual poems are current in Third Wednesday and Ravensperch online.