Yvette Murray

Blue Boat


All is done. 
Time to put the folded paper 
into its place:
the stony stack of forevers
on a dusty shelf
in the triangle corner
of the room we 
never use. 

Time for this smiling cover photo
to join the other grinning stills
doomed to be pulled out
only when passersby stop
on their way to Florida
for an ice cold glass of lemonade,
some laughter,
and a piece of pound cake.

Time for the shattered clay pot that
fell off of a black table to pull its 
self back together and begin
to pour hot, fresh tea onto the earth
again.  Even though
some of the pieces.

Yvette R. Murray received her B.A. in English from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She has been published on www.agatheringtogether, www.charlestonpoets.com, www.charlestoncurrents.com, www.akashicbooks.com and in Fall Lines, The Petigru Review, and Genesis magazine. Yvette R. Murray has also performed in inter-disciplinary projects at Morris Brown AME Church, the City Gallery and Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.  Presently, she is working on her first book of poetry and a children’s book collection.